Your brand is your promise of how you help.

You are how you help.

My good friend, co-coach, and DIY Brand Camp alumna Julia Mines recently suggested that I read Michael Port’s Book Yourself Solid. Let’s go.

I especially like Michael’s understanding that in order to truly serve clients, we must first really listen to clients. His observation that traditional networking efforts are too-often based on an old-school business mentality of scarcity and fear is especially resonant. After all, how can I really connect with anyone if I’m only looking to use my contact with them to get what I want or need?

Instead he suggests a networking strategy of what he calls abundance and love. Rather than looking at meeting others as a chance to get ahead, he suggests that we look for opportunities to help and serve. His list of networking questions includes:

  • What can I give and offer to others?
  • How can I help others to be successful?
  • How can I start and continue a friendly conversation?
  • How can I put others at ease?
  • How can  best express my sincerity and generosity?
  • How can I listen attentively so as to recognize the needs and desires of others?
  • How can I provide true value to others?
  • How can I fully express myself so I can make genuine connections with others?

Graduates of the DIY Brand Camp will recognize why this goes down so easily for me. The DIY Workshop summarizes what I’m learning 35 years into helping people understand their story. When I (finally) sat down to write the curriculum, and after I had swept away the “important but not essential” elements of what I am learning, I saw that there are only three primary questions you need to ask first:

  • Why do you exist?
  • Who do you serve?
  • How do you help?

This last question – How do you help? – became the organizing theme of the workshop. Clients and students alike hear me repeat what has become a mantra: “Don’t tell me what you do. Tell me how you help me.” This lesson is so important that the name tags everyone wears at the camp ask simply: “How can I help?”.

Are you clear on how you help those that you serve? It’s a powerful lens through which to consider your work.

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