The only thing missing is the brand promise.

I really like re:Work’s work, like this simple tool that they repurposed from their partner Google. It’s designed to help teams cohere around vision, mission and values.

It’s a great tool and every leadership team should use it. But it’s missing the link that makes it truly meaningful.

To help managers create a vision with their team, Google offers the following steps to help teams define their values and connect them to their short-term goals:

Core Values describe the team’s deeply held beliefs; these feed into the team purpose and mission.

Purpose is the reason why the team exists, and how the team impacts the organization. If the team didn’t exist, what would happen?

Mission describes what the team is trying to achieve.

Strategy is how the team plans to realize the mission. Strategy can be long-term.

Goals break down the strategy into shorter-term, achievable objectives and help align the team’s efforts.

Together, the values, purpose, mission, and strategies make up the team vision — why the team exists, what the team is trying to achieve, and how it’ll get there.

They are so close. It’s so damned good. So many teams never get this far. But this road dead ends.

Before Strategy there is a Core Value that invites the user into the relationship: Brand Promise.

Who do you serve? How do you help them meet their own needs?

Your brand isn’t about you, it’s about those you serve, and how you help them on their own path.

Your brand is where the loops of infinity cross. One loop is defined by clear definition of vision, mission and values. The other loop represents how that offer meets the needs of the people you serve.

And that makes a dance.

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