The DIY Brand Camp is getting pretty damn cool

The second DIY Brand Camp drew to a close this afternoon. I think I speak for all of us in the closing circle when I say that building a community of co-learners is really fun, and it feels really good. The fact that it’s a supercharged way to learn is almost extra.

(What if we assumed humans could get it right, instead of the other way around? But that’s another topic…)

There’s a lot of learning to unpack, but first I want to share photos of the first day, yesterday, Sept. 9. Thank you, dear campers. You gave each other your open hearts.

0003_DIYcamp_2 0004_DIYcamp_2

0007_DIYcamp_2 0005_DIYcamp_2 0009_DIYcamp_2 0015_DIYcamp_2 0018_DIYcamp_2 0020_DIYcamp_2 0026_DIYcamp_2 0030_DIYcamp_2 0044_DIYcamp_2 0052_DIYcamp_20060_DIYcamp_20062_DIYcamp_20063_DIYcamp_20065_DIYcamp_20067_DIYcamp_20068_DIYcamp_20076_DIYcamp_20079_DIYcamp_20084_DIYcamp_20086_DIYcamp_20103_DIYcamp_20105_DIYcamp_2Photos by Maureen Bridget.

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