Set the politics aside. It’s time to talk about policy.

Policy is a clear statement of what we believe. Politics, at least in America today, has devolved into a fight to determine who makes policy and whose policy is heard.

One of the things that I find most concerning with the state of the Democratic party today is that I, a person who pays attention, have no idea what policies the party stands for. For example, the Republicans just passed a giant tax cut which will add an estimated one-trillion dollars to the deficit by the end of the decade. They handed the bulk of this money to the already rich. What would Democrats do with one-trillion dollars if they borrowed it from the future? I have no idea. The policies for which they stand seem muddled at best.

Being a can-do guy, last year Y-Combinator president, Sam Altman, launched a mash-up that is part political platform and part a call for candidates. His United Slate is looking for candidates for California governor, lieutenant governor, and Congress.

Perhaps most importantly, he’s thrown down a gauntlet of policies that he believes are worth fighting for. I agree with them all. If I were drafting the list I’d list ‘World-class education’ first, and I’d put a finer point on it. I’d name it a ‘Free world-class education for all’. But, this is just the start of a discussion, and it’s a good place to do so.

Ten Policy Goals

Here are 10 policy goals Sam Altman would like to see candidates work towards enacting.

  1. Lower the cost of living, especially housing
  2. Move to a Medicare-for-all system over time by gradually reducing the age of eligibility
  3. Set a target of 90% clean energy in the country by 2050
  4. World-class education
  5. We need to reform our tax system
  6. Shift 10% of our $600 billion annual defense budget to the research and development of future technologies
  7. Fair trade and fair jobs
  8. Expand the social safety net
  9. A fair government
  10. World-class infrastructure

You can read more, sign-up and/or volunteer at his blog.

Image of Sam Altman lifted from Gizmodo.

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