Reos Partners has a new website

Our client Reos Partners’ new website ( is now live. It’s the first visible result of an extended branding process focused on more clearly communicating what this international social enterprise does: help people move forward together on their most important and intractable issues. Big, systemic stuff like education, hunger, health, justice, and peace.

Kudos to the Clarity team and to our associates Aaron Hastert, who designed the site, and Terran Birrell, who built it. Not to mention the communications team at Reos Partners, with a special shout-out to Tiê Franco Brotto.


The first step in designing this site was, of course, to write a comprehensive brief. In it we defined our audience this way:
  • Leaders who are dedicated to working on societal challenges.
  • They are already convinced that today’s complex social challenges matter (we are not trying to convince people that climate change is a problem, etc.).
  • They know a lot about their issue but do not have the right tools or processes to respond effectively.
  • They are looking for something beyond business-as-usual.
  • They have the capacity to engage, motivate, and move others.
  • They are aspirational and willing to play the long game.
  • If we help them, they have the capacity to shift the system/situation.
  • They are serious players who are skillful, wise, mature, and grounded. They have track records of success.


And we defined our objective this way:
  • The primary objective of this next-generation site is to make it easy for potential clients and team members who are looking for us to find us and to understand Reos Partners, our expertise, and our experience.
We’d love your opinion on how well we’ve accomplished this.
We’re looking forward to our continued work with Reos on developing and growing their brand—and furthering their important work.






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