Photos of the first-ever DIY Brand Camp

On June 10 and 11, I presented the first DIY Brand Camp. Judging from campers’ comments, it worked. I’ll be posting findings, learning edges and class news in the coming weeks, but until then I thought that it would be fun to share some images from the workshop.DIYbrandcamp grp nat DIYbrandcamp laura grp DIYbrandcamp newel jen DIYbrandcamp carol lm DIYbrandcamp timi big group 0023_DIYbrandcamp DIYbrandcamp 1 stndng 0036_DIYbrandcamp DIYbrandcamp trcy left grp DIYbrandcamp speed pitching DIYbrandcamp mitch at end DIYbrandcamp to carol DIYbrandcamp nat janet DIYbrandcamp lm sp DIYbrandcamp's mom newl DIYbrandcamp-sidegroup2 DIYbrandcamp whole group DIYbrandcamp solo2 DIYbrandcamp whole side DIYbrandcamp solo3 DIYbrandcamp solo 5 DIYbrandcamp solo4 DIYbrandcamp solo 6 DIYbrandcamp sm grp2 DIYbrandcampsm grpss DIYbrandcamp sm grp5 DIYbrandcamp smgrp 7



  1. Holly Mott says

    Holy cow Mo, great shots! We sure look like we were putting in our all in these… some very deep-thinking expressions in here. Thanks again Mitch, an unmitigated success indeed!

  2. LOVELY PHOTOS!!!!! SO GREAT! Such good memories or great people and INCREDIBLE facilitation and information. I moved ahead LEAPS in my business.

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