Your mission is your message.

“After taking a tour, visitors often say to me: ‘It is impressive how everyone here speaks of the school in the same way. The spirit of the school is really clear.’ This cohesiveness is priceless.”
– Sally Mixsell, Head Of School, Stoneleigh-Burnham School

“The Clarity Core Sample Workshop helped us, for the first time, really articulate why we existed and how we helped. Even our board was thrilled: they’d never seen something so productive and positive.”
– Britt Ruhe, Chief Operations Officer, Momenta

“Clarity helped us to see that marketing is just one facet of clear communications. Their Clarity Brand Study has become our ‘owner’s manual.’ It informs our strategic planning, partner recruitment, and even the design and development of our products and services.”
– Danielle Samalin, President, Framework Homeownership

“The Clarity team helped us identify a core positioning definition that informs everything that we do. Now every time I speak about the Center in public I find myself repeating our simple but powerful brand promise. Even better, my whole team has the same understanding.”
– Bill Wooldridge, Director, Berthiaume Center for Entrepreneurship, UMass Amherst

Organizational health and well-being is rooted in your team’s understanding of why you exist, who you serve and how you help them. Clarity about these fundamental distinctions provide the foundation for natural team building, effective communications and meaningful strategic planning.

When your group sings from the same songbook you sound like a choir

Agreeing on a common understanding makes it easier for every team member to speak with ease about your organization’s purpose and mission. Imagine the synergistic boost this same understanding can give to your strategic, development and communications efforts.

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Clarity is the strategy

Clarity means that your whole organization works together to achieve common goals with coordinated effort. You know that your company is integrated when there is minimal confusion, engaged and enthusiastic morale, and very high productivity.

Most importantly, you know clarity is working for you when your key stakeholders and advocates tell your story for you in a way that supports your mission.