Let the future show you the way

In my Visionary Coaching Program designed for my clients who are going through a time of deep transition, seeking to step into their new story – I introduce them to a powerful process called Future Self Dialogue.

Here you are invited to step into a possible future, one that beckons you, as you claim your place in a world where you are not diminished but celebrated; where your gifts are shared and recognized; where you seek to live from an enlivened place that is essential to your well-being. A place where you come home to yourself.

When you meet your future self, you step into this field of potentiality, one where you have a glimpse into your yearnings and the dreams you have for yourself. Your Future Self lives in that realm of possibility, outside of time and space. To meet her, you are required to tap into – and trust – your fearless intuition and imagination.

The Future now shows you the way, not merely your past. Most of us define our future as simply an extension of our past, whether our past experiences have been judged as good or bad. The past becomes the sole determinant for who we will become in the future. In a sense we become imprisoned by our past.

But what if, as we leave the shores of what was once familiar, we allow our past to drift away – even as we seek to cling to it through our memories, narratives, sense of identity. What if, in the spirit of reinvention we re-imagine our futures in a different way, a kinder way.

To do this, we must first recognize that what anchors us on our uncertain journey – the only place we know for sure – is not our past but the present moment in which we find ourselves.

Our future – designed with conscious awareness – can guide us and enable us to live in this present moment from a visionary place. Rather than dreading our future, we know that our future is shaped by the choices we make today, NOW.

Maya Angelou once said:

“A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretense and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and only herself”.

So let us be conscious of the choices we make as we prepare to be ourselves and only ourselves.

Let us design our lives, not from a place of blind optimism or naïve, wishful thinking but from a loving place of enlivened possibility. It is our commitment to live from this authentic, wholehearted place that will nourish us and pave the pathways into our envisioned future.

Our future requires this of us.


Amber Chand’s personal mission “is to inspire, support and encourage people to live from a place of enlivened authenticity and fearless imagination, especially as we face the potent challenges of our world today.” This article appeared originally on her own website.


Image by Dorli Photography, via Creative Commons

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