Lesson: Don’t just tell your story, show it

Sam Barclay is a dyslexic graphic designer and typographer. He’s struck by the fact that every teacher he’s ever had has tried to help him read better, but none has ever tried to understand his experience. So he used type to show it.

It started as a (successful) Kickstarter project, it ended as a (successful) degree project. It is brilliant. It is beautiful. He takes the talking stick, and he uses his skill and his talent to not just tell, but show, his story.

From the book:
Sam’s website is www.sambarclay.co.uk.

The website for the project, “I Wonder What It’s Like to Be Dyslexic,” is www.reedeeng.com.

I learned of Sam and this work at oscio.org: “The best of non-profit advertising and marketing for social causes.”

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