Helping “solopreneurs” find their brand promise

Your brand is your promise to those you serve of how you help them. Companies use this understanding not only to improve their marketing and sales, but also to align strategic development and maximize their human resources. But what about individuals and very small companies? Don’t they need a clear brand, too?

The answer, of course, is yes. No matter their size, smart organizations manage learning brands. That is, they use the process of effective communication to learn — about themselves, their customers, and the ecology of the ideascape in which they operate. If you are providing a product or service one of the most cost-effective investments you can make is to develop clarity about your brand. This is true whether there are one or 10,000 people in your organization. The reality is, if you don’t define your brand then your customer will.

I call solo and small team entrepreneurs “solopreneurs”, and these enterprising people are some of my favorite clients. Not only are solopreneurs uniquely motivated and engaged, they are also not encumbered by the politics and consensus building that can slow a larger organization down. Typically what limits solopreneurs is their ability to step back far enough to see where their unique offer fits in the larger system they serve. And that’s where the Clarity Brand Design process comes in.

Because it is a replicatable design process, the same process can be scaled to any size company. As we would for larger group, we start by engaging representative clients and stakeholders in dialog interviews. We articulate clear and accurate psychographic profiles of ideal clients. We identify the features of the offer, and – most importantly – the benefit that the customer gets from these features. We analyze the competitive market and notice the ways in which you offer clear and defendable advantages. And, in the end, we identify a clear and distinct market position, and messaging strategies to express this brand promise.

That is, you get a comprehensive Clarity Brand Study, for one. It is both a manifesto about who you are, who you serve and how you help them, and a road map toward where you, personally, want to go.

The process is simple, fun, often surprising and always rewarding.

Here’s what two solopreneurs say on my LinkedIn profile about their experience in finding their own brand:

As a small business owner trying to figure out how to move to the next level of exposure, I needed help with mission, message and marketing. Luckily a colleague directed me to Mitch. He is a wonderful human being and an exceptionally skilled consultant. Not a bad combination if you care about values AND results. “Clarity” is without a doubt the right name for Mitch’s company and his offer. Working with him was a savvy business move and more personally rewarding than I could have imagined.” – Jennifer Bryan

Jennifer is the founding principal of Team Finch Consultants. She provides gender and sexuality diversity training to schools. That’s her in the header photo.

Mitch is an inspired thinker and helpful motivator with a thoughtful program that helped to clarify my business message and develop my “brand.” As a small business owner, I found his considerate, objective insight helpful in the development of the next stage of my marketing and professional objectives.” – Todd Lynch

Todd runs Ecotropy. He calls himself a landscape designer, artist, and community herbalist.


  1. Honored to be part of this blog post, Mitch. You have helped me and TFC in ways that are hard to measure. And, you have also helped in ways that I CAN measure: business is robust! I look forward to circling back to you and Clarity in the future, when it is time to strategically re-visit strategy, goals and values.

  2. Mitch Anthony says

    Thanks for the kind words, Jennifer. It is so gratifying for me to watch you build your story and communications platform. Your experience and message is so assuring and affirming to us all. I feel honored to help.

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