72% of your donors may stop giving because of bad content

John Urschel  learned more than 21-years ago that fundraising is never an end in itself, but is a core aspect of an effective non-profit. Fundraising is the reflection of the organization’s dignity, pride of accomplishment, and its commitment to service. A published author, CASE award winner, and transformational manager, John is a founding partner of Roundhouse Solutions. In this guest post he shares an insight about the importance of good content.

If there was any doubt about why Communications and Fundraising go hand-in-hand, this latest infographic from Abila puts that to rest: “72% of donors may stop giving because of unsatisfactory content.”Abila_DonorLoyaltyInfographic

We at Roundhouse Solutions understand that effective and efficient fundraising sits atop a communications plan that prioritizes donor relationships and emphasizes key organizational messages. That’s easier said than done, especially if you are resource constrained (who isn’t?). But segmenting your donor pool and matching those segments to the most appropriate message and communication channel is a good first step.




  1. Todd Felton says

    Thanks John. I’ve been struck time and time again by how a clean and consistent message can help an organization do more: raise more money, keep more staff, have more impact, change more minds. We’re looking forward to learning more about how to assess an organization’s current fundraising message strategy.

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