Good feelings deserve ad campaigns too

Ads can be used to sell anything—not only products, but also ideas and even feelings. And the synergy of design and message can be a powerful force to that end. Here’s a great illustration of both points.

Michael Pecirno is a designer trained in architecture. He says he works “in the space between architecture and visual design.”

He uses the tension found between those spaces to focus our attention. This project—which started with 30 small posters laminated against the weather and zip-tied to streetlights and sign poles—originally spread affirmations throughout the streets of Chicago.

Then the Billboard Art Project sponsored a run of his work, turning the posters into billboards in Chicago, Baton Rouge, and San Bernardino.

Good feelings make great advertising.

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I learned of this project at “Driving you to bright ideas for the past 10 years.”


  1. Great post, Mitch. I like Michael Percino’s direct and positive energy, and the way he uses color to energize the message. Powerfully feel-good stuff, and I mean that as a complement.

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