Everybody on the same page

Any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • You know that it’s time to update and evolve your website, yet are reluctant to start because of the internal turf wars such an effort is likely to spark, or
  • You are ready to launch a strategic planning initiative, but are concerned that your organization does not have the requisite amount of internal alignment and focus needed to identify priorities, or
  • You never use your mission statement because you recognize that it’s really little more than a meaningless jumble of buzzwords and overly grand promises, or
  • Your engagement and renewal numbers are flat but you are unclear on which parts of your membership promise are failing to connect. Or, or, or…

If so, help is nearby.

Introducing the Clarity Core Sample in-house workshop

The Clarity Core Sample workshop is a one-day workshop that helps your own people to understand why your organization exists, who you serve, and how you help. Clarity about these fundamental distinctions provides the foundation for natural team building, effective communications and meaningful strategic planning.
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We developed this simple and fun co-learning curriculum after watching too many companies struggle with the handicap of muddled or unsettled vision.

The reality is that just one day of focus by your leadership team can often provide all the clarity you need to begin to tap into more of the innate, natural intelligence that your organization already owns.

Being clear about who we are, who we serve, and how we help has brought huge benefit to NESEA at all levels. The Clarity Core Sample workshop has provided our staff with a useful lens for determining which program initiatives to pursue and which to decline. The resulting clarity has helped us promote our events more effectively, and helped our members to evangelize on our behalf to grow our membership.” – Jennifer Marrapese, Executive Director, Northeast Sustainable Energy Association

A process built on listening

The Clarity Brand Design process is built on listening. One of the reasons that the Core Sample workshop is so effective is that it gives people an unprecedented opportunity to share their own experience, perspective and insight. Such cross-disciplinary and multi-functional engagement allows you to co-develop a commonly shared understanding of your organization’s true purpose and mission with minimal politics and confusion.
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What is high morale and productivity worth to you?

As readers of this website know, organizational health is our goal and clarity is our strategy. Clarity means that your whole organization works together to achieve common goals with coordinated effort. You know that your company is integrated when there is minimal confusion, engaged and enthusiastic morale, and very high productivity.

The “Swiss-Army Knife” of strategy tools

Where are you stuck? Need more member engagement? Or a truly integrated development program? Or a strategic plan that is more than a prop on your bookshelf? Or more effective communications? It’s more than a little amazing how many common problems are successfully solved by focusing on who you serve and how you help them.
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Ready to unite your leadership team?

Are you tired of wasted energy, debilitating conflict and less than excellent outcomes? Then you just might be ready for the Clarity Core Sample in-house workshop. Each is a customized workshop designed for you and your organization. The first step is a conversation. You can initiate this crucial conversation with a simple email.

Let’s get started.

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