DIY Digital Marketing Camp, the Survey Course

This workshop was held on
Wednesday, April 26, 2017

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How to use digital marketing tools to find, serve and grow your audience

Your brand invites your audience to understand, know, remember, refer, and choose you, and then choose you again. But how do you communicate your brand in ways that are doable, measurable and repeatable? Say hello to digital marketing.

After taking the DIY Brand workshop, many participants report that the next thing they need to understand is how to use the new and still emerging tools and processes of digital marketing. This workshop is designed to meet these beginners’ needs.

Plan > Reach > Engage > Convert > Repeat

This workshop is for you if
  • You are dazed and confused by the sheer number of practices a company can use to reach and engage their audiences,
  • You wonder if the hours you spend on social media are the best use of your time,
  • You think you know who your stakeholders are, but aren’t so sure of the best ways to find where they are,   
  • You want to understand how to get the most from an always finite budget, 
  • You want to get better at your marketing communications job, and/or
  • You want to have more fun at your marketing communications job.


We’ll show you the tools.
We’ll  show you how they are used.

We are very pleased to introduce the DIY Digital Marketing Camp, the Survey Course. 
In one packed but fun and relaxed day we’ll give you an overview of four of the most powerful tools in the modern marketer’s toolbox.

This is a survey course. The primary objective is to give you a bird’s eye view of the whole digital marketing system. You’ll work with your own company’s/organizaton’s brand to learn how to reach and engage customers, acquire and retain customers, and drive business using the new tools of multi-platform marketing.

Because this is a DIY Brand Camp, the emphasis will be on using digital tools and processes to express your unique brand personality, and on developing authentic, emotional connections with your audiences.

During the morning, between 9 – 12, we will cover:

  • How to think of your website as a welcome gate
    Your website is more than a company brochure. When properly designed it can attract those most likely to be drawn to your offer, it can encourage engagement and ultimately convert the casually interested into active participants.
    During this exercise we will cover how to know and define your audience, how to articulate a meaningful website strategy, develop compelling messaging and  employ structure and design to increase quality traffic.
  • An introduction to e-mail marketing
    82% of companies use e-mail marketing, and it is reported to have a return of 3,800%. But you’ve got to do it right. We’ll talk mailing lists, definition of your e-mail marketing proposition, segmentation and targeting, and creating e-mail design for maximum return. We’ll show how e-mail can be used in concert with other media. We’ll even cover the basics of marketing automation.

During the afternoon, between 1 – 4, we will cover:

  • Foundations of social media
    Digital marketing is social marketing, and social media is an integral part of the communications system you are building. How do you create a social media strategy? What’s the difference between paid, earned and owned social media? What does social sharing mean for a brand? During this session we’ll answer these elemental questions. And yes, we’ll talk about Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and…
  • An introduction to web analytics
    Great marketing systems are built to improve performance in key areas. They are fueled by data. We’ll survey how to identify key performance indicators, as well as analytics techniques you can use to measure and track them. We’ll talk about segmentation again, and measuring things like your various communications channels, social media’s impact and even the competitive landscape.
The goal is helping you understand how it all fits together.

To be a better communicator. To be a better manager.

Who we are

I’m Mitch Anthony. I work with change makers to help them to use the processes and tools of good communication to transform their pieces of the world.

Strong brands are fueled by two complimentary but opposite energies: purpose and data. I am bringing the brand purpose perspective to this workshop.

I have developed this workshop with digital marketing guru Dan Green. He knows the branding side too, having started his advertising and public relations career with New York agencies Burson-Marsteller and J. Walter Thompson. But since 2005 he has been honing his chops on data driven marketing planning, user experience, information architecture, and search engine marketing. Dan holds Master certifications in web analytics, SEO and Pay-per Click marketing.


A retreat for learning.

The DIY Brand Camp is a working retreat away from the distractions of the daily grind. We gather at the Smith College Conference Center, overlooking Paradise Pond.


The format is hands-on. Bring a laptop and come prepared to work on your own company’s digital strategy.

Before you arrive at the workshop we will send you a survey of your current understanding and use of the tools and processes of digital marketing.

We’ll work from 9 till noon, with breaks for beverages and snacks. At noon we’ll be served a lunch of sandwiches and salads. We’ll go back to work until 4, with breaks as needed.

Bring your whole team.

A clear brand aligns your team and mobilizes everyone to move together. Such fundamental alignment is the basis of the two rails of true organizational growth: an open and honest dialog among your team and all of your external stakeholders.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to rally your leadership team around the central truths that guide your organization, and the new tools you have at your disposal. To encourage team participation we offer discounts for group attendance.

Registration information

The workshop was held on Wednesday, April 26, 2017.

I encourage you to put this opportunity on your agenda today. Talk with your colleagues about how a shared understanding of digital marketing can transform your work.

This is the first time that this workshop is being offered. The images and testimonials on this page were gathered at other DIY Brand Camp workshops.

Photos by Maureen Bridget.