Learn to think like a brand consultant, for non-profits

“If you’re interested in delving deeper into your brand and taking it to the next level, and/or helping your clients do the same, you absolutely cannot miss this.”




“I liked how much the group appreciated the opportunity to take a break to stop and think. People were grateful to get away from work and grateful for how productive the training was.”




“Pedagogically, the mix of exercises—lecture, reflection, small group discussion, whole group discussion—was effective and well thought out.”




“I was able to reflect on my work with unique prompts, which gave greater depth to this reflection. AND it had the added benefit of getting mirrored by a significant number of people.”




“You have a wonderful way of explaining the concepts, taking us through Theory U, giving us the ‘headlines’ of branding.”




“I liked that you were able to present so much info in a short time in ways that I found easy to absorb.”




“I really appreciated the conceptual framework for thinking about brands, particularly the notion that one starts with meaning and core identity and then works outward from there.”




“We saw the direction we need to take to clarify and solidify our brand, and got a good sense of how to get there.”





“Taking time away from business for a retreat is hard, but finding time to reflect is even more rare. I had time to connect the overarching concepts to my specific business.”

This workshop was offered in the Spring of 2017. Watch this space. We’ve got others in development.

In partnership with the Northampton Chamber of Commerce I am developing a special DIY Brand Camp for non-profit organizations. I’ll show you how to understand your organization’s story, how to express it so that it is meaningful to all of your audiences, and how to use this understanding as a tool for strategic development.

DIYbrandcamp ed

Clear positioning, strategic messaging and effective communications are uniquely powerful and efficient tools. Typically they are used only by those who can afford to hire a branding firm. This workshop is for you if you are an individual or a team that wants to use the tools and processes that a big budget can buy, but you want to learn to do it yourself, in-house.

A retreat for learning

The DIY Brand Camp is a working retreat away from the distractions of the daily grind.DIYbrandcamp group In one super-condensed day, I show you the tools and processes that I’ve been using for more than 30 years to help hundreds of companies and organizations understand and utilize their own potential.

In a dynamic mash-up of classroom teaching, breakout groups, and personal check-ins, I’ll start at the beginning: How do you help? Why do you exist? How will the world be different when you are successful?DIYbrandcamp mitch frontDIYbrandcamp who higher 7Such fundamental alignment is the basis of the two rails of true organizational growth: an open and honest dialog among your team and all of your external stakeholders.

0063_DIYcamp_2The format is hands-on. Come prepared to work on your own brand. Come with a list of problems you want to solve.

Learn to go beneath the surface.

Your brand is not a logo. It is a promise you make to the people you serve. It is a clear statement of how you help. Your brand invites your audience to understand, know, remember, refer, and choose you, and then choose you again. Among the things we’ll show you during the workshop:

  • How to understand who you serve and their needs
  • How to understand how you meet those needs
  • How to turn this insight into a brand that distinguishes you clearly



With your new understanding of brand, you’ll then learn how to build a messaging strategy that furthers your own specific goals.

Strong branding works from the inside out.

Clear branding aligns your team and mobilizes everyone to move together. It sets you apart from your competitors. It establishes an emotional connection with your customer and evokes goodwill, trust and loyalty. It turns observers into donors. It improves the efficiency and effectiveness of your communications. And it turns casual fans into brand ambassadors who will share your messages with their own networks.



Registration information

Watch this space. Early registration will open at the start of the new year.

I encourage you to put this opportunity on your agenda today. Talk with your colleagues about how a shared understanding of your core brand can transform your work.

Photos by Maureen Bridget. www.maureenbridget.com