We’re starting a magazine about climate change

Climate change is the symptom, not the problem. The problem is that we have not yet learned to live in balance with our planet. With our friend and colleague Paul Dryfoos we are working on a really big idea that will address this problem, and we need your help: please register your support for the climate project we’ve submitted to MIT’s Climate CoLab.

Imagine a really inspiring new magazine

The project is this: New Climate, a nationally distributed quarterly magazine that will approach climate change as an opportunity for humanity to get civilization right. That is, to learn our way out of the self-made catastrophe now unfolding. New Climate will ask the right questions, connect the dots, and combat apathy and overwhelm. It will give readers the information, tools, hope, and inspiration—the science and the poetry—they need to do something. To become empowered agents of change.
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New Climate will help all of us to connect with climate change as a central reality of our lives, not as some abstract scary concept inhabiting the periphery of our consciousness. You wouldn’t call climate change exciting, but everything humanity is already doing and can do about it definitely is.
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We see New Climate beaming beautifully from the magazine rack at your local natural foods store, coffee shop, or bookstore. We think it can do a lot of good by helping all of us to get past feeling scared or helpless, and to really crank up the global revolution that is already underway. Help us make it better, and help us make it happen.
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Vote at the CoLab

We’ve submitted our idea, in detail, to a contest at the MIT Climate CoLab, a global collective intelligence platform that tackles massive and complex challenges like climate change by linking ideas with experts and problem solvers. If our idea wins in its category, we will gain access to an array of important potential partners and funders. And popularity is a factor, so your vote of support counts.

Here’s how to learn more, tell us what you think, and register your support:

1. Review the proposal here, at the Climate CoLab.

2. To comment and support the idea, you need to go here and register with CoLab. On this page you can sign in with Google or Facebook if you prefer.

3. Click on the blue comment tab to let us know what you think and help us advance this idea.

4. Click on the “Support Proposal” button.

And please tell your friends.

Thank you.
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