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“Being clear about who we are, who we serve, and how we serve has brought huge benefit to NESEA at all levels.”

NESEA originally hired Mitch Anthony for help with our branding and messaging. It quickly became apparent that he was much more than just a communications consultant. His approach is so holistic that we decided to step back first, and working together he and I wrote a new strategic plan for the organization. This led to what I can only call a complete strategic transformation.

“Since then Mitch has been involved in nearly every aspect of NESEA’s operations. He has been a collaborative partner, encouraging me to be as transparent as possible about the process we are using and what we are learning along the way. He has served as a coach and sounding board in helping me deal with sometimes demanding stakeholders who often have wildly disparate needs. And he has helped me build a top-notch team by introducing NESEA to other best-of-class consultants—such as Clarity member Laura MacKay—who have added tremendous value.

“He has been able to distill and articulate who NESEA is, who we serve, and why it matters. Beyond that, he equipped us with the tools we needed, training the staff in how to use this powerful new understanding to ensure that we remain on-brand and on-message.

“Being clear about who we are, who we serve, and how we serve has brought huge benefit to NESEA at all levels. It has provided NESEA staff with a useful lens for determining which program initiatives to pursue and which to decline. It has helped us promote our events more effectively. It has helped the members within our network to evangelize on our behalf to grow our membership and, in turn, their “tribe.” It has helped give our board the confidence they need to govern, and to not micromanage the organization.

“Thank you, Mitch. Thank you, Clarity.”

—Jennifer Marrapese, executive director, the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association

“We think we could do this without Mitch, but we don’t have 20 years to figure it out for ourselves!”

“Mitch Anthony has been working with our school for the past four years, and we have been able to move forward quickly because of his involvement.

“Mitch started by facilitating our strategic visioning process. Today he is coaching our communications manager around such projects as setting organizational priorities, developing a new admissions view book, making social media choices, and the development of a new, open-source website.

“Mitch has helped us move from a mom-and-pop communications office to one of impressive professional status that puts out consistently strong messaging in print, online, and on social media.

“Maybe our school could do all this without Mitch, but it would not be at the same quality, and it would have taken us five times as long. And we don’t have 20 years to figure it out for ourselves!

“It’s one thing to get such high quality work; it’s quite another to have it delivered by a compassionate, thoughtful, creative, and visionary colleague. We feel truly blessed.”

—Sally Mixsell, head of school, Stoneleigh-Burnham School

“Clarity helped us build a unique agency/in-house hybrid. What I appreciate most is that their work stands the test of time.”

“The Clarity team starts at the beginning. They helped us clearly understand who we are, who we serve, and how we are truly distinct from our competition. They then used this positioning as the basis for an evolved brand identity which so far we have rolled out in trade show environments, online ad campaigns, and internal sales support materials.

“The Clarity promise really became clear when we rebuilt our website last year. The Clarity team started by engaging stakeholders from throughout the organization to articulate both the messaging and the technical functionality the site would need to fulfill. They brought in a web developer, who created a comprehensive technical specifications document, and engaged our own personnel to build a unique agency/in-house hybrid team. Nine months later, we were live with a product that we all take pride in, and at a price I know to be half of what a full-service firm would charge for the same quality. They are a unique resource that meets unique needs.

“What I appreciate most about Clarity is that their work lasts. Their design work, consulting, and brand development stands the test of time. My role is to ensure that the company I work for does not simply pay for a service but invests in business tools that will work for an extended period of time. This is the true test of a company like Clarity. What I know about the work that Clarity delivered to Wave is that we are still using it 14 months later and will be for the foreseeable future. That is money well spent.”

—John Broderick, creative services director, Wave Systems

“Laura Radwell’s design work on behalf of our museum has earned her (and us) many awards.”

“Laura Radwell’s distinctive, intelligent, and handsome design work is the manifestation of her exquisite eye for color and detail, as well as her sensitive ear for nuance and true purpose. Her keen, worldly, enthusiastic observations—of art, culture, people, the natural world—imbue her work with layers of depth and beauty.

“We’ve worked collaboratively on a wide range of projects over the past 10 years: a new logo, tag line, and style guide in celebration of SCMA’s renovation and reopening (all still in use); numerous exhibition catalogues and brochures; and a new concept for the museum’s annual report, which has been honed by Laura with meticulous care over seven years.

“Her design work on behalf of our museum has earned Laura (and us) many awards. The best reward, though, has been and continues to be the opportunity to work with—and learn from—this exceptional artist/graphic designer.”

—Margi Caplan, membership/marketing director, Smith College Museum of Art

“High standards, professionalism, and expertise on branding and visual design.”

“Laura Radwell’s high standards, professionalism, and expertise on branding and visual design have elevated our venue’s presence and have polished our print and website images. She has been both a gentle guide, moving us forward with our visual marketing tools, and a solid partner who integrates our goals with a listening ear. Her keen sense of design and lucid artistic knowledge translate into projects that are beautiful, effective, and accessible.”

—Debra J’Anthony, executive director, Academy of Music Theatre

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