Clarity First Newsletter, September 2, 2016


A notebook about how we work and learn and love and live.

This week we were inspired by inspiration, thought about how we think, and noticed the emotions in our decision-making process.

Inspiration from school kids

When we believe in students, show them the practices and procedures of excellence, and then expect excellence in the form of presentation-grade work, they soar even more than we can imagine. That’s the theory that drives The Center for High Quality Student Work.

Thinking, for a change

The quality of our thinking leads to the quality of our results. If we think differently the results will be different, too. A practical hands-on workbook. Book Review: Thinking for a Change by John C. Maxwell.

Neuro Learning: We are emotional long before we are logical

Article: Decisions Are Emotional, Not Logical: The Neuroscience Behind Decision-Making

The next Clarity DIY Brand Camp is 3 weeks away

Early-bird registration is closed and we can now promise that some really interesting people will come together on Sept. 28. Get your seat. Learn more.


Since seeing them at a New Year’s gig, Todd just can’t get enough of Rubblebucket. They are rocking and fun — perfect for those moments you are not in class…or work.

Images of the week

The painting in the header is from one of the great projects (a book on identifying snakes written and illustrated by 2nd graders) in The Center for High Quality Student Work. The video grab is from a student-made PSA from the High School for Recording Arts, St. Paul, MN

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