Clarity First Newsletter, November 18, 2016


Last week’s letter elicited more response than we’ve received to all other letters combined. It’s clear that we all have lot to learn about learning to live together, as one nation, unified by respect and justice for all. Let’s get started.

Connecting at a “heart level” moves people from advocating and debating to being more empathetic and compassionate.

Longtime client Reos Partners designs and facilitates processes that enable teams of stakeholders, even those who don’t understand or trust one another, to work together to make progress on their toughest problems. They generously share their techniques on their blog. One process they use helps people share their stories about why they care about the issue at hand.
How-to: Sharing Stories and Connection

Imagine a political life centered on local schools, town governments and voluntary associations.

After a divisive election, it’s tempting to give up on politics. The philosopher Charles Taylor explains why we shouldn’t.
Essay: How to Restore Your Faith in Democracy.

Breathe. Relax. Everything will be fine.

Ads can be used to sell anything, not just products but ideas, and even feelings. This outdoor ad campaign promotes truths like Everyone Matters, You Have a Wonderful Smile, and Someone Is (Or Will Be) Lucky to Have you.
Blog Post: Good feelings deserve ad campaigns too.

# 7: Anchor your team to a broader purpose.

Twelve Young Entrepreneurship Council members advise how leaders can keep employees motivated and performing well when there are office culture issues.
Article: 12 Ways Leaders Can Help Their Team Overcome Culture Issues.

Quote of the week

“This is not the time for illusion or evasion, it is time for transformation.” – David Orr, 2011

A culture of giving to each other, to customers, to investors, and to the public at large, reaps rich rewards.

Dain Dunston has identified five Ps of a healthy company: Purpose, People, Process, Product and Payoff. “Think of payoff as the cumulative good resulting from the organization’s output.”
Article: A Healthy Company Balances Five Elements.


This week we’ve been soothed and inspired by watching and listening to The Marriage of Figaro performed by Deutche Opera Berlin set to a slide show of images of the sky taken from both the earth and from deep space. Filmmaker Rachel Jellinek, of Reflection Films, sent it to us in response to last week’s letter. She said “I have decided to begin and end my day by watching and listening to this video. It transports me to a happier place”. Us, too, Rachel. Thank you.

Images of the week

The large photo in the header is of a pair of interacting galaxies 300 million light years from earth in the constellation Andromeda. The image has been dubbed A Rose Made of Galaxies. The smaller image is the most detailed photo ever taken of the Crab Nebula. Both were shot from the Hubble telescope.

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