Clarity First Newsletter, June 16, 2017

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A few ideas and resources that came across my “desk” this week.

Today it’s risky to remain mute.

There is a new breed of marketer speaking out for companies these days. The once-timid, play-it-safe CMO has warmed to swimming in turbulent political waters. In fact, s/he is becoming the corporate face of the Trump resistance.
Article: The Age of the Woke CMO

How to encourage others to make socially good decisions in their own best interest without feeling manipulative. 

Three top nonprofit and educational players in the emerging field of behavioral science co-create a meta-nudge: The Behavioral Evidence Hub, an online public resource to share industry work in a way that more people can understand.
Article: Want to Employ Behavioral Science for Good? Heres a Helpful Collection of Ideas 

Learning to have compassion for those we disagree with

Article: Carl Sagan on Moving Beyond Us vs. Them, Bridging Conviction with Compassion, and Meeting Ignorance with Kindness

The goal of any economic system is to create human happiness. 

UC Berkeley economist Clair Brown argues for an economic system based on altruism, sustainability, and a meaningful life. Because even economics is about more than money.
Article: The Promise of Buddhist Economics 

Developing design and presentation skills the kaizen way

Presentation Zen author Garr Reynolds has some fun, gentle, but powerful tips on integrating the principles of kaizen into our efforts to improve — step-by-step, little-by-little — our ability to notice, connect and innovate.
Article: Personal Kaizen: 15 Tips for Your Continuous Improvement

Anyone can understand and use color theory.

Color is central to any brand identity. Try to imagine Staples without thinking of the color red, or of FedX without thinking of purple and orange. Here’s a short and neat overview of how color works. It’s vital to any brand manager, and just plain interesting to those who wonder why some color combos work and others don’t.
Video: Beginning Graphic Design: Color

The best Facebook ads of the year

Remember when advertising peers would review and judge the best ads of the year? Now the medium owner does. Then again, Facebook can see which ads make best use of the technology, and which ads get the best response. Note that the idea still rules, though.
Winners Gallery: The 2017 Facebook Awards

Less than two weeks until the launch of the Conway Institute

On June 28th and 29th, Wendi Golsdmith and I are offering a two-day workshop for entrepreneurs who want to launch or grow their business in alignment with their core values. Day two is my DIY Brand Camp, tailored to the needs of sustainability professionals.
Workshop: Sustainable Entrepreneurship Basics. A Two-Day Survey Course


I’m still thinking about Chris Cornell. Regular readers know that I’m a huge fan of cover songs, and he was a master of the cover. His reading of Prince’s Nothing Compares to You is one of the best. His Redemption Song would make Bob Marley proud. And, as he says in the intro, we need the message of Imagine now, more than ever. Rest in peace, Chris. Thank you.

Image of the week

The images in the headers are by Austin Kleon, a patron saint of this letter. I’m recycling him here to draw attention to what Brian Eno refers to as “scenius”. Under this model, great ideas are birthed by a group of creative individuals—artists, curators, thinkers, theorists, and other tastemakers—who make up an “ecology of talent.”  Says Kleon: “If you look back closely at history, many of the people who we think of as lone geniuses were actually part of a whole scene of people who were supporting each other, looking at each other’s work, copying from each other, stealing ideas, and contributing ideas.”
Article: Further Notes on Scenius

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