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Achieving superior business results by creating immersive cultures for continuous personal growth.

Use the 1-2-3 list to get more done and have more fun doing it.

Not every task on your to-do list takes the same amount of time. You’ll get more done and enjoy the process more if you order the list accordingly.

A Simplified Way to use Getting Things Done

I’ve reduced David Allen’s powerful personal productivity system into four very simple lists that are easy to maintain and track. (But you should still read the book.)

10 things that require zero talent

Woody Allen famously said that 70% of success in life comes from just showing up. Here’s nine more truths that inspire doing what needs doing. 

10 Haiku for project managers

Sometimes poetry is the clearest voice.

8 simple things you can do to become much more confident

A brilliant and doable list of reminders.

11 great posts on graphic design, branding, advertising, photography…

One of my favorite weekly reads is It’s Nice That. Here are 11 of their best posts from 2016.

Change your thinking. Change your life

When you make the right changes to your thinking other things begin to turn out right.

You can do anything. But you can’t do everything

An idea is only as good as your ability to bring it to life. Jocelyn K. Glei’s new book is an inviting, encouraging, and practical collection of tools and practices for turning ideas into reality.

The Middle Way Method of personal planning

Jordan McGilvray has created a personal planning system that falls between the “top-down” (Franklin Covey) and the “bottom-up” (“Getting Things Done”) models. It’s about balancing life and work.

10 rules for setting goals that can change your life

Guerrilla and online marketing guru Mitch Meyerson interviews Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul” series. The result: a very usable top-ten list of goal-setting principles.