An Everyone Culture. Becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organization.

Achieving superior business results by creating immersive cultures for continuous personal growth.

Ignore everybody, and 39 other keys to creativity

“Don’t try to stand out from the crowd. Avoid crowds all together.” – Hugh MacLeod

A Simplified Way to use Getting Things Done

I’ve reduced David Allen’s powerful personal productivity system into four very simple lists that are easy to maintain and track. (But you should still read the book.)

11 Simple But Effective Ways to Teach Mindfulness to Kids

While written for parents, this article is relevant for any leader, coach, friend, colleague or collaborator.

10 things that require zero talent

Woody Allen famously said that 70% of success in life comes from just showing up. Here’s nine more truths that inspire doing what needs doing. 

Learning to communicate to reduce stress, create connection and resolve conflict.

The language we use and how we use it provides a powerful means to not only resolve conflicts, but to go even further to create true connection.

Let the future show you the way

Rather than dreading our future, let’s embrace that our future is shaped by the choices we make today, now.

8 simple things you can do to become much more confident

A brilliant and doable list of reminders.

Simple conversations to restore hope to the future

Reality doesn’t change itself. We need to act.

Change your thinking. Change your life

When you make the right changes to your thinking other things begin to turn out right.

Optimistic in Bhutan

Half empty or half full? Optimism can be learned

In these times, optimism can be as difficult as it is necessary—and more difficult for some people than others. Researchers are learning how the negativists among us can train to be more optimistic.

Stress management: tai chi

Ready for anything: how to build personal resilience

In work and life, there will be setbacks. There may be outright tragedy. Change will shake you and the world. Here’s the research on what you can do now to make sure you snap back.

Recovering from mistakes: how Churchill did it

In addition to being a rock star statesman, Winston Churchill was a gifted and prolific painter. He used his relationship with art to reconnect with himself after failure—and move on to great things.

10 life lessons I learned on a mountain bike

Flip yourself over on a stone wall a few times, and you begin to ask why it’s happening. The answers start to look like life lessons. Here’s 10 worth sharing. Number one? Let go over the bumps.

What do you want? Reset your intentions, fast

Here’s a powerful three-step exercise in self-discovery that can effect change in both your personal life and your work life. It’s powerful because it starts with gratitude.

Stress harms problem solving too. What to do?

Stress compromises your problem-solving performance. But new research from Carnegie Mellon indicates that self-affirmation—in the form of focusing on your values—can protect it.

Media multitasking and learning don’t mix

Annie Murphy Paul points to research that shows how widespread media multitasking is (most college students text during class) and how it leads to leads to spottier, shallower learning.

How to be happy in business

Is true happiness rooted in recognizing what we do well, and what we don’t (even if it pays)? At his blog, Bud Caddell talks about passion and “sirens calling you to shipwreck.”