Rules of thumb about telling stories that transform audiences

15 things that Nancy Duarte knows about creating presentations that move hearts and minds.

How to get someone to change their behavior? Rule 1: don’t preach

This is not your average wear-your-seatbelt spot. For that matter, it’s not your average spot. It works.

11 great posts on graphic design, branding, advertising, photography…

One of my favorite weekly reads is It’s Nice That. Here are 11 of their best posts from 2016.

Tools of oppression vs. tools of liberation

Last week Austin Kleon posted a chart on his Tumblr page that he drew after reading Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed.

14 posters that suggest we should vote. Let’s.

The Get Out the Vote campaign invites graphic designers to make posters that rally US voters to go to the polls. Please go.

Textbooks on sim cards boost learning

SMART Communications is filling surplus SIM cards with textbook content and giving them to kids who can’t afford a tablet or e-reader for use on their old analog cell phones.