Seeing Regeneration

We can develop the capacity to see the road that leads towards healthy ecosystems, trade relationships, and business models.

Simple conversations to restore hope to the future

Reality doesn’t change itself. We need to act.

We’re social. We learn by imitating. Rational? Not so much

If we were rational beings, it would be much, much easier to organize things for the public good. But we’re not rational. We’re social. We learn from each other, as we discover.

Bacteria balance self and group. Why can’t we?

Individual bacterium know how to look out for themselves. But they’re always ready to rally for the common good if their colony is threatened. It’s behavior we could learn from.

Your organization is a network: 10 thoughts

One: The network model is way better science than the mechanistic “pyramid” paradigm. And much closer to reality. Curtis Ogden culls the key points from a BetaCodex Network presentation.