When a word is the story

Daniel Carlmatz gave himself a daily wordplay challenge. His results are fun and inspiring.

25 logos for 25 adjectives

A design exercise that turns some of the most used and popular words in English into logos.

The Radical Future of Branding

The would-be authoritarian regime that has taken over the White House, combined with powerful new technologies, is having deep impact way beyond just the political sphere.

Logo design follows trends, too. Trending in 2017…

How five classic logo archetypes are appearing in the new year.

You cannot not communicate.

A discourse on the process of designing for real people.

A history of modern graphic design in clicks

The Graphic Design Archives by the Rochester Institute of Technology is an online library of editorial, information and graphic design created between 1920 and 1950.

11 great posts on graphic design, branding, advertising, photography…

One of my favorite weekly reads is It’s Nice That. Here are 11 of their best posts from 2016.

9 design trends that emerged in 2016

Some trends may date your design pretty quickly. Others are likely to define design for generations to come.

Lesson: Don’t just tell your story, show it

A dyslexic designer/typographer realized that his teachers tried to help, but not to understand his experience. So he used type to create a beautiful lesson in showing your story.