Teaching timber framers to frame their brand

It’s amazing what you can cover in two days.

How to talk so stakeholders will listen, and listen so stakeholders will talk.

The Clarity brand design process starts by listening to those you serve. One technique we use is the Dialog Interview. You can do this at home.

Learning to be better digital marketers

Photos of this week’s DIY Digital Marketing Camp, the Survey Course

Photos of a learning community

Learning to use clarity about who you serve and how you help to improve both client and donor relationships.

Your brand is your promise of how you help.

Yes. Let’s pursue a networking strategy of abundance and love.

Learning to be your own brand consultant

Six DIY Brand Camp graduates come together to share what they’re learning.

Photo Album of the September DIY Brand Camp

Photos of 26 change makers working together to find resonance between their mission and message.

The DIY Brand Camp Rules of Thumb

“Don’t tell your customer what you do, tell her how you help”, and 12 more truisms we share in the DIY Brand Camp.

First glance at the September 28 DIY Brand Camp

The Clarity DIY Brand Camp was in session this week. Here are a few photos of an afternoon session

A two-day camp is now two one-day workshops

DIY Brand Camp was designed as a two-day workshop. But it turns out that one day works really well. Followed by a new DIY Graduate Seminar. How did I figure this out? Read on.

DIY Brand Camp at the BuildingEnergy conference

March 3 in Boston: a special, super-condensed one-day DIY Brand Camp at the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association’s annual conference for building industry professionals.

The DIY Brand Camp is getting pretty damn cool

Building a community of co-learners is really fun, and it feels really good. The fact that it’s a supercharged way to learn is almost extra. Photos of the second DIY Brand Camp.

Photos of the first-ever DIY Brand Camp

On June 10 and 11, I presented the first DIY Brand Camp™. Judging from campers’ comments—and these photos that capture the vibe— it was an unmitigated success.

Respond to social media with clarity, not control

The new reality is that users, employees, and customers are in the driver’s seat. How to respond? In this post and slide show, Maddie Grant of SocialFish walks us through the basic considerations.