Ignore everybody, and 39 other keys to creativity

“Don’t try to stand out from the crowd. Avoid crowds all together.” – Hugh MacLeod

Dieter Rams’ ten principles for good design

In the late 1970’s designer Dieter Rams stopped to question how he defined “good” design. His answer has become a manifesto for conscientious designers ever since.

How to talk so stakeholders will listen, and listen so stakeholders will talk.

The Clarity brand design process starts by listening to those you serve. One technique we use is the Dialog Interview. You can do this at home.

10 Haiku for project managers

Sometimes poetry is the clearest voice.

A ridiculously simple way of learning how your brand is perceived

Your brand is not what you say it is, it’s what your audience says it is. How do you find out what they say it is? Ask them.

25 logos for 25 adjectives

A design exercise that turns some of the most used and popular words in English into logos.

Learning to listen from ideo.org

How to apply human-centered design process to the issues you care about.

Logo design follows trends, too. Trending in 2017…

How five classic logo archetypes are appearing in the new year.

You cannot not communicate.

A discourse on the process of designing for real people.

11 great posts on graphic design, branding, advertising, photography…

One of my favorite weekly reads is It’s Nice That. Here are 11 of their best posts from 2016.

Why the longer road is often the shortest path

The fastest way to change is to slow down and engage your stakeholders first.

Mixing research methods for a fuller picture

Researchers are learning that they get more insight when they mix Qualitative and Quantitative research.

9 design trends that emerged in 2016

Some trends may date your design pretty quickly. Others are likely to define design for generations to come.

Re-assesing assessment as a tool to improve performance

Measure what you value and people will value what you measure.

Art department rules that work for any department

Between 1951-1968 Sister Corita Kent ran the art department at the Immaculate Heart College. The rules that guided that innovative school are even more relevant today for any organization committed to innovation, growth and creativity.

Change your thinking. Change your life

When you make the right changes to your thinking other things begin to turn out right.

Re-branding branding for social good

We don’t need to re-name branding. We need to re-position it. So when we think of branding we don’t think of exploitation but of clarity of purpose.

What do you want? Reset your intentions, fast

Here’s a powerful three-step exercise in self-discovery that can effect change in both your personal life and your work life. It’s powerful because it starts with gratitude.

Communications tools that support better design

Cool idea: observe the processes used in the design of services, products, and communications, gather them in one place, illustrate and annotate them, and then offer case studies.