Finding coherence in a weekly newsletter

In August of 2016 I started to write a weekly newsletter. Now, 86 letters later, it’s starting to cohere into something larger.

Clarity First newsletter, August 19, 2016

Our very first newsletter. We’re trying to make a newsletter that we’d like to read. How’s this for a start?

Breaking the Radio Silence

The Clarity blog went dark for a while. That’s because we’ve been busy being our own clients.

Everybody on the same page

Are you tired of wasted energy, debilitating conflict and less than excellent outcomes? Then you just might be ready for the Clarity Core Sample in-house workshop.

Help get New Climate mag one step closer to reality

Great news on the climate change magazine we’re developing: We’ve been chosen as one of four finalists in an MIT-sponsored contest of ideas. Your vote will help us get needed attention and funding.

Reos Partners has a new website

Our client Reos Partners’ new website is now live. It’s the first visible result of an extended branding process focused on clearly communicating what this global social enterprise does.

We’re starting a magazine about climate change

Climate change is the symptom, not the problem. So we’re creating a magazine about the problem: humanity has not yet learned to live in balance with the planet. And we need your help.

The Academy of Music theater

Congratulations to the Academy of Music

Clarity client the Academy of Music just won a preservation award. The winning restoration was completed last fall after a super-successful fundraising campaign that we developed.