Breaking the Radio Silence

The Clarity blog went dark for a while. It didn’t go dark because we weren’t interested any more, nor because we didn’t have anything to say. Nor was it because we were so busy that we couldn’t write.

The real reason we haven’t been writing is that we have been doing exactly what we preach. That is, we’ve been putting clarity about why we exist, who we serve and how we help them at the top of our to-do list. So, this past year has been one of deep conversations; many cups of coffee; and lots of scribbling on notepads, whiteboards, and napkins. We’ve been in pursuit of our own clarity about why we exist, who we serve and how we help them on their own hero’s journey.

Start with clarity.

In between working with some really fantastic clients over this last year (Framework, Berthiaume Center for Entrepreneurship, Bay State Academy Charter Public School, South Mountain Company, Reos Partners, and Bay State Reading Institute), we have been filtering our own mission and vision through the lenses of the Clarity Brand Design process.

A sneak peek

A short summary of what we found: our sweet spot is helping organizations find the answers to why they exist, who they serve, and how they help and to use those answers to drive improvement across the organization.

The slightly longer version is Clarity launched in 2013 as a “a deeper kind of strategy and design firm.” In 2016 we are re-launching as “a deeper kind of branding firm”. This means we are now putting our focus on the front end of the design process, on brand and design strategy. We will still help you build design and production capacity, and we still act as general contractors for advertising and design projects, but as of now we no longer call ourselves a design firm.

Throughout the summer and fall you’ll hear a lot more from us about what we mean by branding firm, our custom Core Sample workshops, our public DIY Brand Camps, network as business model, and why we no longer call ourselves a design firm.

Such a tease

Yes, we know that this is a tease. There is so much news to share, about new people, services, workshops and partnerships But after a long radio silence, the first ping is just to open the airwaves again. We hope you’ll stay tuned.

– Mitch and Todd

Photo courtesy Allen via Creative Commons

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