We’re social. We learn by imitating. Rational? Not so much

If we were rational beings, it would be much, much easier to organize things for the public good. But we’re not rational. We’re social. We learn from each other, as we discover.

72% of your donors may stop giving because of bad content

If there was any doubt about why Communications and Fundraising go hand-in-hand, consider that 72% of donors report that they may stop giving because of unsatisfactory content.

Learning to give priority to what is best for all

A story about learning to overcome our tendency to see challenges as us vs. them and to instead see what is best for all.

Why client/agency relationships should come with a sell-by date

An external agency can be invaluable in helping you understand your story and how to use your story as a tool for transformation. But that same agency should also be teaching and coaching you to – one day – do much of the creative work yourself.

Branding is not just for marketing anymore

Don’t waste your branding on marketing alone. Understanding who you serve and how you help them is a central ingredient of organizational health.

Breaking the Radio Silence

The Clarity blog went dark for a while. That’s because we’ve been busy being our own clients.

Everybody on the same page

Are you tired of wasted energy, debilitating conflict and less than excellent outcomes? Then you just might be ready for the Clarity Core Sample in-house workshop.

Help get New Climate mag one step closer to reality

Great news on the climate change magazine we’re developing: We’ve been chosen as one of four finalists in an MIT-sponsored contest of ideas. Your vote will help us get needed attention and funding.

Reos Partners has a new website

Our client Reos Partners’ new website is now live. It’s the first visible result of an extended branding process focused on clearly communicating what this global social enterprise does.

We’re starting a magazine about climate change

Climate change is the symptom, not the problem. So we’re creating a magazine about the problem: humanity has not yet learned to live in balance with the planet. And we need your help.

The Academy of Music theater

Congratulations to the Academy of Music

Clarity client the Academy of Music just won a preservation award. The winning restoration was completed last fall after a super-successful fundraising campaign that we developed.

A two-day camp is now two one-day workshops

DIY Brand Camp was designed as a two-day workshop. But it turns out that one day works really well. Followed by a new DIY Graduate Seminar. How did I figure this out? Read on.

DIY Brand Camp at the BuildingEnergy conference

March 3 in Boston: a special, super-condensed one-day DIY Brand Camp at the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association’s annual conference for building industry professionals.

The DIY Brand Camp is getting pretty damn cool

Building a community of co-learners is really fun, and it feels really good. The fact that it’s a supercharged way to learn is almost extra. Photos of the second DIY Brand Camp.

Photos of the first-ever DIY Brand Camp

On June 10 and 11, I presented the first DIY Brand Camp™. Judging from campers’ comments—and these photos that capture the vibe— it was an unmitigated success.

Good feelings deserve ad campaigns too

A Chicago artist used street signs to remind passers-by of our humanity. Then they became billboards in three major cities. An exemplar of the synergy of design and message.

Bacteria balance self and group. Why can’t we?

Individual bacterium know how to look out for themselves. But they’re always ready to rally for the common good if their colony is threatened. It’s behavior we could learn from.

Lesson: Don’t just tell your story, show it

A dyslexic designer/typographer realized that his teachers tried to help, but not to understand his experience. So he used type to create a beautiful lesson in showing your story.

Book cover: "Ogilvy on Advertising"

Must-have: lessons from an original Mad Man

If you make ads and you haven’t got a well-worn copy of “Ogilvy on Advertising” near your desk, you are ripping off your clients. The Father of Advertising shows us how to change minds.

Want to really learn and remember? Read on paper

What do you give up when you read on a screen instead of on paper? Very possibly some comprehension and retention. Researchers say that for the brain, the two experiences are quite different.

Older workers: great job performance

Fact: older workers easily outperform the youngsters

Older workers are mentally slow, technologically backward, burned out, etc. Right? Wrong, wrong, wrong, researchers say. Hire one today, because in fact, they rock on every front.

Optimistic in Bhutan

Half empty or half full? Optimism can be learned

In these times, optimism can be as difficult as it is necessary—and more difficult for some people than others. Researchers are learning how the negativists among us can train to be more optimistic.

Stress management: tai chi

Ready for anything: how to build personal resilience

In work and life, there will be setbacks. There may be outright tragedy. Change will shake you and the world. Here’s the research on what you can do now to make sure you snap back.

How do we get people to care about the future?

Societal transformation depends on communicating and embracing the long view. But the human impulse toward instant gratification is a powerful foe. Here are some potential workarounds.